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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 25, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we're out here in the caribbean. soakin' up some sun. woohoo shrek's got some move hi five boys, it's sushi time. i'm donkey, feeling the oce, gettin' my vacation on donkey style. why aren't you? ♪ >> alive, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news in hd. >> breaking news out of southwest baltimore. for the second time today, a police cruiser is involved in a deadly crash. we have two big stories tonight. we have more on the accident's, but first strong storms are ripping your the state. the temperatures have really tumbled. john collins is in the 11 insta-
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weather center with the current conditions. >> these can be big and messy. the temperatures came down with the line of thunderstorms. we have cooler air now. first, the storms. here is the time lapse of the radar showing the storm's coming in. you can see all of the red and yellow. these were pretty intense especially in northern virginia and montgomery county and northern prince george's county. there are a lot of trees down and power outages. for a brief period of time, there was one indication in montgomery county that may have been producing tornado level wins. that does not last long. the indication was there and gone in a few minutes. here is what we look like now. the storms are on the eastern shore in new jersey. the sun is breaking for west of the day. things are quieter and to learn
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now. the cold front is bringing in more comfortable air. we will talk about that in a few minutes. >> thousands of people are without power following the storms. more than 40,000 people are without power, more than 21,500 in prince george's county followed by a few thousand in baltimore city, county, hartford, and carroll counties. the ge says all crews are out working to restore power. did you take some good pictures of the storms moving through the area? here is a picture of the clouds above camden yards around 3:30 p.m. to share your photographs to log on to our web site and click on "u local." the city took extra precautions to keep residents save today. pools were extending their hours hoping to extend relief. despite how people are feeling, businesses say the weather is on their side.
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>> business has been phenomenal today. we have of five excellent movies. i think everyone wants to see them. >> it has been a boom for local business. to the other big story, baltimore city police are investigating a second police- involved accident that happened after 3:00 p.m. in southwest baltimore. georgia joins us live from the scene with the late breaking details. george? >> witnesses described a while then chaotic scene in southwest baltimore. these orange lines, this ended with a police chase turning into a violent crash. police have just concerned a girl being described as an innocent by standard who has died in this crash. -- an innocent bystander has died. police are pursuing a drug suspect in the blue truck. the truck ran a stop sign and crashed into a gray honda civic. the female driver in the civic died as her car basically split
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in half. the police croute rented the truck. officers tried to arrest the drug suspect. this is what a witness told us. >> when they tried to get him out of the car, he would not. they broke all the windows, pulled him out come and beat him up. then they arrested him. >> the police say the suspect refused to get out of the car, was the combative, and police ended up having to use the tasered to get him under control. police are still gathering information on the crash. the plan to hold a news conference in 45 minutes. deborah, a wild and chaotic scene ending in the death of an innocent bystander. we are live in baltimore city, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thinking, george. an investigation is under way from an accident on the belt way involving a baltimore city police officer. state police are leading the
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investigation. the police officer was falling a motorcyclist. he believed the vehicle was stolen. before 3:00 a.m., the officer and a motorcyclist collided it on the off ramp. the driver was drawn from the vehicle and pronounced dead. they say the officer did not follow a "no chase" policy. >> for whatever reason, the communication was not followed. the officer was far outside of his jurisdiction. we need to figure out exactly what happened and why. >> the officer has been suspended with pay pending an investigation. city police are investigating an overnight stabbing that left one man in critical condition. this happened around 10:30 p.m. last night in the 300 block of lafayette ave. he was seriously stabbed and is in critical condition.
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homicide detectives were notified. there are growing rumors tonight that bp ceo tony hayward could be on the way out. cnbc reports he could be removed as early as tomorrow but it would take much longer to permanently seal the leak in the gulf. jane grey has the latest -- john gray has the latest. >> remnants of the system, waves, still poster across the gulf. there is evidence now that least some of the mass has washed up on the gulf coast. >> if we are on the phone with aviation authorities trying to make sure we can know what shorelines are impacted to get teams are there as soon as we can. >> teams and equipment are making their way out again. the containment capa's still firmly in place. they should resume work tomorrow
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on the primary relief well as long as the -- as well as the plan for the static killed. >> next week, we will be making sure everything is good to go. the week of the first of august, that is when we will attempt the static tel. >> that means for the first time in more than three months an end to this disaster may finally be in sight. j. gray, at nbc news. >> baltimore county officials want to let county residents know about a water outage. they will be out of water until 10:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. they advise you have plenty of bottled water. again, this starts at 10:00 p.m. tonight. still ahead, the latest on the search for two missing americans in afghanistan. we have all taken a hard hit, but are things looking up? the treasury secretary gives his opinion.
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washington at odds over tax cuts. how this will
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>> a spokesperson is one of two sailors is the dead and the other is being held captive. an afghan official says the talent and has offered to exchange the body -- and afghan official says the taliban has offered to exchange the body. a tax increase for the rich or for everyone? that is the tough choice republicans may be facing before this ballparks a congressional election. democrats are playing hardball and of a 95% of america will agree. brian moore has that story now from washington. >> with the critical
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congressional midterm elections 100 days away, the white house is setting the stage for one last legislative battle royale over tax cuts. >> with the president is proposing to do is it to extend it tax cuts that go to more than 95% of working americans. >> for the wealthiest americans, the bush era tax cuts would expire in january. >> id'd would be good policy to allow those tax cuts to expire as scheduled. >> only in washington, d.c., where they believe raising taxes creates jobs. the american people know we cannot tax and spend our way back to a growing economy. >> business people are saying they will create no new jobs in this environment because of the uncertainty. >> that is republicans and fiscally conservative democrats with a tough choice. raise taxes on the rich or risk the wrath of the middle class in
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this election year? a vote is not expected any time soon. democrats will not even begin drafting a bill until september. and the septet -- in washington, brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> timothy geithner is painting a positive picture. while the recovery may be moving too slowly for many americans, he does not expect the economy to slip back into a downturn. >> i do not think there is anything unusual given the severity of this recession that americans are still living with some caution about the future. i think that is natural and unavoidable. the economy has now been growing for a little more than a year. the economy is starting to heal. >> timothy geithner was it david gregory's guest on nbc's "meet the press." storms caused severe flooding in
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the midwest. we look at them. >> wieters got through with a band of strong storms. it will feel like serving of temperatures are down to 81 at the airport and 82 in the inner
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>> bletting from a dam in the iowa has caused thousands of dollars of damage. -- flooding from a water damage. public works officials as their residence can flush toilets but waste is pouring into the river. rising flood waters created a 30 ft. wide hole in saturday. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather weatherbug forecast with your meteorologist, john collins. >> here is a look at the hd doppler radar. we have some son back in the picture. the eastern shore still has some clouds. delaware, new jersey, there are
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still some thunder storm activity here. the strongest is over the water right now background st. mary's can and moving south. coming in behind this, there is more comfortable air. because these storms are to the south, i will switch to the other computer. if we could switch -- there we go. these will be in effect until the storms pushed completely out of the area. here is what happened today. 100 degrees before the storm came in. we hit 100 at the inner harbor and the airport. that set a record. the lows occurred after the rain went through, just 1.5 hours ago. temperatures have bounced back up a little bit. less than 0.5 inches of rain it generally. bwi marshall, the rain south of that and in parts of montgomery county and southern pennsylvania
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had heavier rainfall. these storms moves fast. in the count is now up to 39 because we passed 90 degrees again today. we have now had seven days of 100 plus weather in the area. at 4:00 p.m., you can see the difference that the storms made. where you see the red and orange divider? to the south of that we were in the 90's. where the storms were, at temperatures were in the 70's and beginning to bounce into the 80's. the storms made a huge difference. you can see the readings fall. here is where the temperatures stand. it is warm down in the lower part of the state, but we have bounced back of it. frederick is back up to 82 degrees. in the 70's in western maryland. here is the storm track. cooler air behind this. here is the front helping to
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generate the storm activity. much more comfortable air because the temperatures will move down a bit. these readings are in the 70's. that is not relatively cool, but compared to 100 is great. and the thunderstorm activity in the area will be gone mostly by money -- mostly by midnight. a 60-75 for the overnight range. tomorrow, much more difficult temperatures. upper 80's to around 90 is normal. we will see a lot of sunshine. the futurecast, there goes the rain. if you watched the time line on the futurecast, everything is clear. tuesday there'll be some rain in the mountains and to the southwest, but it looks like it's days away even into wednesday. by midweek we do get a chance for rain. 89-92 with temperatures climbing a little bit. the humidity will not be out of control. temperatures will drop back into
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the 80's. next week will be much more comfortable. >> that is good. >> good to see a. >> next week, training camp for the ravens start next week. the ravens top pick it remains in a texas hospital tonight after a fall down two flights of stairs. the latest on sergi
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>> now 11 a sports with gerry sandusky. >> when the ravens report to training camp, sergio kindle will not join them. he remains in an austin hospital. but he fell down two flights of
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stairs. no. 49 likely lost consciousness. he remains in stable condition at university medical center, a top level trauma facility. they remain in contact with his doctors. he is undergoing testing and observations. the severity of his injury remains unclear. the ravens will not say how serious the head injury is. four days in a trauma center paints a pretty serious specter. there is no telling when he will be joining the team. the first relief from today's rainstorm did nothing but turn the orioles day and two extended agony. the last 10-4 to the minnesota twins. it did not help that all. in the top of the third, bases loaded for the twins. not anymore. a grand slam home run.
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6-1 minnesota. in the top of the sex, young straight away center field and gone. a leadoff home run -- in the top of the sixth inning, young straight away. he slices 1 into the gap of center fielder and that is gone, too. back-to-back home runs. the rain it made the game even longer. minnesota beats the birds 10-4. brutal for the rookie starter. >> honestly it is pretty embarrassing to go out there and not be able to give your team a quality start. i prepared myself to well to allow these things to happen. i have to go out there and battle through 6-7 innings the matter if i have good stuff or not. >> every summer, baseball pauses to honor their greats. espnormer o's the current sports caster jon miller is
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inducted in the baseball hall of fame. he goes in with doug harvey and he has always eloquent did at the microphone. >> i do not want to keep thinking people like they do in the academy awards and all that. my dad did turn me on to baseball on the radio and said, "you might enjoy this. this guy willie mays is pretty good. take a listen." i listened. thank you, dad. >> a poignant moment from one of the great broadcasters of our time. when you drive a car with the number one on your side, memory drives the one car and he lived up to that today winning the 400. a full contact start at indianapolis motor speedway. we pick it up in the first lap, second turn. involved in a five-car mixup.
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it foreshadows the way the race will end. montoya led most of the day. a late hit stop cost him. trying to pick up ground, he slammed into the ground which will end his hopes of a victory. cheney mitt murray grabbed the league lead and was able -- jamie mcmurray. stay with us. john collins has a look at the seven-day insta-weather forecast.
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>> an icebreaker. and it made a difference. in hamilton, right? >> numerous power outages. >> you had to note it was coming after the intense heat. -- you had to know it was coming. there was the rain. and is on the lower eastern shore. we are done. 71 tonight. >> remember that? that is good. >> some laws in the 60's, too, on tuesday and wednesday. 90-92 which will seem like kevin. the humidity will be reasonable. some thunderstorms on thursday and then more temperatures in the 80's. >> we made it to the other side. that is at 411 news at 6:00 p.m.
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"nightly news" is next. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at stay connected with us on carysbrook a
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